Hey Carol,

I finally had to bring Marty in on Tues. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. I really grew fond of that old man. I like to imagine him reuniting with his original owner as a spritely pup.

I just try to remember how more lonely the last 4.5 years would have been without him. I sure got lucky with him. I think he approved of his 2nd act.

He had it pretty good in Vienna and he had a real nice set-up in Michigan.


One could make a film about our senior dog, Marty. Marty became famous through “Marty’s Parties”, thanks to his restauranteur “Dad” donating Sunday lunch proceeds to Animal Care Austria’s other senior dogs.

Marty had had a simple, but good life in Hungary until his owner died, leaving him alone. What followed was despair and shelter life until his adoption in Vienna. With his new “Dad” came his restaurant friends, the trip over the big pond, and his retiring in the splendor of the Michigan woods where he enjoyed chasing the squirrels as long and as far as his senior legs and heart could take him.

You will never be forgotten, Marty. We will miss you.
The Animal Care Austria Team