We are at home since 16:00. She was perfect in the car. 

Amine had a walk. She likes it, she enjoy it - she is really a wonderful dog! Its the first day - the first hours ... 

We need to relax now - and we need to get used, with the new situation. The next days will bring happiness and good feeling. She knows now her partner Blacky. It's well´, but we need to work. Blacky is a small prince and the house is his kingdom. Amine have won the first "fight". She's much more dominant. But there is no danger - Blacky tried to provocate her.

Now he knows that he need to be a good boy. 

She had her meal - a big portion - it will give her power and energy - she is not hungry anymore and she's not thirsty. Amine relaxes now in her place from the car - I think and feel that she feels happy.

She trusts us and she feels good in the house. We can see it. 

So we say thank you again ..   

Soon you will see more from Amine!

We love her !!!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.

Michael Kandler